The Feast of Saints Peter and Paul

On its 2001 Feast Day celebration, Saints Peter and Paul Mission in Tucson, Arizona was blessed with the presence of His Grace, Bishop Moses, Suffragan Bishop of Roslindale, Massachusetts. Its presbyter, Archpriest John Bockman, was sorely missed on this first Mission Feast Day since his repose.

Great Vespers with blessing of the loaves was held on Saturday, July 14, and on Sunday, July 15, Hours and Divine Liturgy, followed by a Mexican-style feast.

Bishop Moses was able to visit with the people and answer their questions. All of the missioners were very grateful for the presence of their approachable bishop and eagerly look forward to his next visit.

Many years to His Grace and to Saints Peter and Paul Mission!

Gates Pass

Right to left: His Grace, Bishop Moses; Mary Lytle; and Presbytera Valerie enjoy the view at Gates Pass on a sightseeing trip to Saguaro National Park West, Tucson.

Visitors' Center

  The Visitors' Center at Saguaro National
  Park West. Cacti — saguaro [sah-hwa -roh]
  (tall, rounded), prickly pear (round pads, right
  center of garden), and staghorn (front center).


Rain storm over the Arizona Sonoran Desert. Cacti in foreground — ocotillo [oh-koh-tee -yoh] (tall, stick-like), cholla [choy -yah] (fuzzy appearance), and saguaro [sah-hwa -roh] (rounded).


  A few of the Missioners of Saints
  Peter and Paul at Divine Liturgy.
  Left to right: Alban Gray, James
  Miller, Angelika Figueroa, and
  Christos, Nadia, Nonna, and
  Sabina Fogal.


After Divine Liturgy, Bishop Moses explains the symbolism
of the various elements of the Schema.

Bp. Moses and Tetraptych

  Bishop Moses identifies icons on a metal
  tetraptych purchased by Alban Gray in the
  Czech Republic.


                      Nonna, Sabina, and Nadia Fogal

Buffet     Martin Figueroa is served
  Mexican-style cuisine. Menu,
  left to right: Lemonade, salsa
  (sahl-sah) [sauce], tostadas
  (tohss-tah-dahss) [corn chips],
  pico de gallo (pih-koh-deh-gah-   yoh) [sauce], guacamole
  (hwah-kah-moh-leh) [avocado
  dip], flour tortillas (tor-tee-
  yahss), [wheat flat bread].
     Chafing dishes: frijoles
(free-hoh-lehss reh-
  free-tohss) [refried beans],
  carne con chili (kahr-neh
  kohn chee-leh) [meat in chili
  pepper sauce], enchiladas (en-
  chee-lah-dahss) [tortilla, cheese,
  and chili casserole], and
  Spanish rice.

Bishop and Friend

         Bishop Moses and friend

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