Brigid's Baptism in June

Brigid Karan is baptized into Christ.
Left to right: Angelika Figueroa (back to camera), Anastasy Luebke, Raphael Mihopoulos (godfather), Brigid,
Mother Seraphima (godmother), Archpriest Neketas Palassis, Subdeacon Gregory Moshnin,
and parishioners and guests out of camera range in the background.

On the day before Pentecost, June 4/17, 2000, Brigid Karan was baptized into Christ at Saints Peter and Paul Mission, Tucson, Arizona. Her godparents were her daughter, Mother Seraphima, Abbess of Holy Nativity Convent in Brookline, Massachusetts, and Rafael Mihopoulos of St. Mark of Ephesus Cathedral parish in Roslindale, Massachusetts. Archpriest Neketas Palassis of St. Nektarios Church in Seattle performed the Baptism because Father John, who would have done it, had sustained a fractured right arm.

Brigid came to Holy Orthodoxy from the Roman Catholic Church. Now retired in Phoenix, she most recently worked as a medical records transcriber.

Mother Seraphima was accompanied by Mother Syncletiki, Raphael's aunt. After their Tucson sojourn, they visited the new Convent of the Meeting of the Lord in Stanwood, Washington.

Raphael Mihopoulos, son of Father Deacon John and Diaconissa Agathi Mihopoulos, is a student at Arizona State University in Tempe.

Many years to the newly-illumined Brigid!

Brigid and Friends

Brigid with Archpriest John and Presbytera Valerie in Saints Peter and Paul Chapel after Brigid's Baptism

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