A Little Number Game

by John Bockman, Tokyo, Japan

One God there is, and there is no other.

Two natures in Christ, perfect God and perfect Man.

Three Persons in the Trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Four Evangelists (SS. Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) reported what our Savior said and did.

Five loaves were distributed among 5,000 people.

Six water jars there were at the wedding in Cana.

Seven-times-seventy (that's 490) times we must forgive someone who repents.

Eight demons might return after one has been driven out (so be careful!).

Nine ungrateful lepers didn't return after being healed (but one leper did).

Ten wise virgins met the bridegroom (while the ten foolish ones were too busy shopping).

Eleven Apostles (twelve minus Judas) met the resurrected Christ.

Twelve Apostles (eleven plus Matthias) preached the resurrected Christ.

Thirteen Apostles, if you add St. Paul.

Fourteen miles from Jerusalem to Emmaus and back.

Challenge: Can you continue the number game beyond fourteen?

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